Four Different Tips About Home Decoration For You

After young people get their new house, decoration follows. Since most people are inexperience in decoration, have a knowledge of it seems extremely important.

While decorating, what need to be taken into consideration? How can we decorate out a satisfactory house? Here is a passage which introduces decoration tips. Let’s read it together.

1st Ground glass
For most families, ground glass would be their first priority for kitchen and bathroom doors. Rough face inside, it will be transparent if it gets wet. Rough face outside, it also becomes transparent when outside face gets wet. Then, how to deal with this problem? It is easy. You could install a double-pane ground glass. The two rough face are in the inside of the whole glass. No matter in the bathroom or out of bathroom, we could only see the smooth face of ground class which also makes the door more beautiful. Watch out, don’t get the rough side painted,it is hard to clean.

2nd Switch
The reason why we decorate is that we want more convenience in our daily life. Therefore, when we decorate, we should take convenience and practicability into consideration. If there is a long passage in your home, you’d better install a switch at each side of passage. Besides, there should be a switch in parlor which is in charge of the passage light so that we could also turn off the passage light when we turn on the light in parlor. The same principle applies to our bedroom switch. There should be two switches in bedroom. One is at the entrance, and the other is at the bedside. With two switches, you don’t need to get out of bed to turn off the light in cold winter.

3rd The location of light above dining table
You have to take the location of dining room light into consideration before installing it. The light is better to throw its light on the central part of dining table. To achieve this, the size of dining table, the location of light and the size of light are all need to be considered.

4th Hole
Nowadays, air conditioner goes into almost everyone’s home. A lot of family have not less than 1 air conditioner so some room needs more holes. You’d better have the holes punched at first, not leaving the work behind for it may get wall or tiles dirty.

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