Make Your Contemporary Home Shine With Decorator Fabric

There are many ways you can add style and beauty to your contemporary home. Decorator fabric is the simplest way to do this. With all the different patterns and prints the only problem you may have is deciding which one is right for you. The best way to decide is with pillows.

This creative idea is one that can be used to decide what your next theme or color may be. It is also a way to allow colors and prints blend together to see how well they fit with each other. Just because one fabric has the same shade of green as another does not mean they were meant to be together. With simple pillows you can see what is going to work and what is not even coming close.

The concept is rather simple. When you are choosing fabrics to redo a chair, sofa, or an entire sectional the selection can be a bit overwhelming. By gathering a yard or two of each fabric choice and making a square pillow with them, you will be able to see what the fabrics actually look like when used together. You can also take some time to decide if a possible fabric could turn into a definite yes.

You can toss these little pillows around, as well as the ideas for choosing a color scheme for your contemporary home with decorator fabric you can sample. Many times we love the fabric print in the store. Bold, beautiful prints in rich, elegant colors. When we finally have it all in place, the thought comes to mind, "What was I thinking?". By using this little decorating trick, you can see the colors and prints in place. You can see how well they work in your surroundings.

You may also find there are prints in the Abby Lane collection which work well with some of the more bold fabrics from American Folk and Fabric. Being able to nestle them together will give you a broader vision of how the fabrics compliment each other. Then again you may find what you thought would work look absolutely horrific.

For the contemporary home, decorator fabric can be stylish and easy flowing. The new styles are allowing individuality to show through. More personality is coming into the design mix. There was a time when an interior designer came and in an almost mechanical way, determined what the space needed. Now thought and planning go into each piece of furniture and accessory. The fabrics are chosen with the human factor instead of what every one else is doing, or what is "in fashion". Even open spaces are being made warm and cozy because of the patterns and colors of the fabric.

By using simple techniques, you can transform the decor of your contemporary home by using decorator fabrics in ways never before attempted. Ideas and creativity can make the house you live in the perfect home for you.

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