Italian Kitchen Decor

When we think about Italian kitchen décor the first things that can come to our minds are wines and grapes, grassy hillsides of Tuscany as well as aromatic food. Italian kitchens are known for the warmth, coziness as well as beauty.

one should choose such colors that could remind you an Italian countryside. So it is better to choose greens, blues, earth tones, for walls as well as curtains. They are considered to be earth tones that are able to depict sky and grassy hillsides. Another good option is to make use of orange, yellow and red in case you want to add a warm feeling to your kitchen. Purple is also widely used in the Italian décor.

Italian Kitchen Wall Decor
With the help of an artistically done wall art you are able to add a very authentic Italian look to the kitchen. You should decorate the walls with beautiful art pieces that depict the Italian rural life, wineries, hill side, etc. Another option is to get a large wall mural. In fact, it provides the illusion of a multi-dimensional area. Moreover, your kitchen will get a unique look. You are also able to choose smaller tile murals that you can hang on the walls.

The furniture should have an old world feel. You can opt for a range of large wooden benches or wooden chairs. You can take advantage of a wooden shelf, wooden chest of drawers, wooden kitchen cabinets in order to keep cookbooks as well as other cookery stuff.

Center Island
Also Italian kitchen decor ideas involve a center island that is surrounded by a range of stools. There, children can have their cooking lessons from their grandmothers and mothers. Note that comfortable settings are an important part of Italian kitchens. You can place a sofa available in a country style.

Rustic Italian Kitchen Decor
In case you would like to add a rural look to the kitchen, then it is better to make use of such accessories as hanging garlic bulbs, hanging grapes, wall plaques available with your favorite quotes or it can be known Italian quotes. Do not forget about wall plates that come with Italian kitchen designs.

Modern Italian Kitchen Decor
In case of modern and contemporary Italian kitchen décor, it is better to use a range of stainless steel shelves dedicated for keeping as well as hanging utensils. Nowadays, you can even find counter tops made of stainless steel. So to achieve a modern look, you can opt for furniture made of wrought iron or metal.
With the help of a range of baskets with fresh vegetable and fruits you are able to add the overall appeal of an Italian kitchen décor. You can also hang a lot of greenery. The Italian kitchen is a welcoming place where all your family members as well as guests feel comfortable when sitting together and talking as well as eating. One should say that it is a perfect place for harboring relationships as well as creating memories.

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