Four Misunderstandings about Home Decoration

For modern people, decoration is not only for beautifying their new home, but also for reflecting their value.However, due to lacking of decoration knowledge, they may get into misunderstandings inadvertently. Now let us have a look at these misunderstandings together.

First of all, do as they want.
In real life, most people only have a smattering of decoration knowledge. They just rely on their subjective assumptions to plan their home decoration. Relevant department of state regulates that altering the structure of the premises without authorization is forbidden. However, some people don't take it seriously, changing balcony into kitchen or aborting the waterproof of toilet. They think altering a little does not matter but they don't know that they have already caused a great threat to the safety of the structure of building. Alter the structure of building will cause uneven. Danger is around the corner.

Second, covet for little advantages.
Material shows that many disputes on decoration were caused by consumers' thought of coveting little advantages. Some may employ unprofessional decoration team for they are cheap but later they find that these workers can't finish work on time and contract means nothing to workers. Besides, they also use cheap materials to pass good quality material. Especially in environment protection, people can't live in new home for the house is full of harmful gas. Therefore, it is necessary to give you a suggestion: what price, what goods. Don't save if it has to spend. 

Third, paint a snake with feet.
Since home-owners put too much feelings to their new home, they wish they could bring all excellent design into their home. On contrary, some design may not be suitable. In fact, home-owners should design their new home according to their characters, hobbies, and practical use of house. If home is decorated like hotel, it will be nondescript

Fourth, keep up with the Jones's
Some people reckon that now that you have bought a new home great cost for decoration is unavoidable. With warm promotion from decoration company, imitation of other home design comes to home-owner regardless of their home structure. They spend a large amount of money on decoration, and want to bring all excellent design into their home. In fact, money dose not buy you great decoration.

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