Disney Princess Themed Bedroom

There are a lot of decorating themes that can be applied when decorating a room for your little daughter. Of course, most girls would like to have a room of a little princess. It would be a good idea to create the Disney princes room. But when decorating any room you should think not only about the aesthetic sense but also about the functionality of the room.

To start with, it is advised to know your daughters favorite color as well as Disney character. In case your daughter like green and blue, then it would be better to create a Little Mermaid room. It involves deep blues, light greens and turquoise. If she is a Disney princess fanatic, then you are able to choose from a cascade of colors. But it is important to choose the main color of the room.

Wall Decoration
It can be a bit difficult to choose wall dressing. With the help of one color, one can accent the main design of the room. It is not always a good option to paint walls. If you are going to choose a wall paper, then it should be easily washed.
It is also necessary to think about the functionality as well as space of the room. Take into consideration a child needs a lot of storage space and also large open areas. It is not a good idea to place large pieces of furniture as the room can be overwhelmed. If you are creating the room in a Disney princess theme it is necessary to use the canopy bed. In fact, it is a must-have item of the room. Actually, you can convert any type of bed to a canopy bed that comes with a few options.
You should also draw your attention towards storage. It would be ideal in case you use a wardrobe style dresser. But if the wardrobe is not an option for you, one can install a simple stand alone dresser which is available with a fashionable mirror.

It is very important to use accessories. Bedding should go well with the princess theme. With the help of bed ruffles and satin style comforters one can accent the bed. If you add several Disney themed throw pillows, the bed will become more personal. You can also take advantage of some few stuffed Disney characters in order you want to add a nice touch to the room.

You can also think about getting a small play table along with a chair set that is available in the Disney princess design. Also, it would be a great idea to buy a small table lamp which you can ornament with beads, glitter and glue. With the help of prints framed in a nice way, it is also possible to add a nice touch.

When decorating the room, you should try to keep it versatile and simple. Actually, children often change their minds. So it is advised to purchase items that are easy to convert as well as replace as they will be easy to change in terms of a room’s style.

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