Invitation And Decoration Ideas For Animal Birthday Parties

The trend of celebrations using animal birthday parties Toronto has increased in popularity. There are more children who wish for parties of different theme where they and their friends could dress up and play pretend for a day. Of course, for male kids, animals and safari is still among the favorite theme that parties for children are based on.

To make the event more exciting and memorable, organizers rely on the imagination of the child to create the games, prices, and giveaways. Most of animal themes come with safari designs for the invitations and the giveaways. There are also games that are played with a safari twist.

To create personalized invitations, there are several ideas that merit consideration. First, you can use stickers. You can utilize crayons or colored markers to draw the background design for the safari or jungle. Next paste an assortment of sticker animals unto the invitation. You can also provide drama and action into the scene by placing a jeep sticker and design it to pull a sign that delivers the birthday invitation.

Do not forget to provide all the details of the event in the invitation. Important information includes the date and time of the celebration. Include also the location where the celebration is to be held, and the contact information to confirm the reservations, if necessary. You can add the stickers on the inside part of the card and make it look like the animals are handing over the details to the invited guest.

Rubber stamps that depict animal designs can also be used. Again, creativity is required in making the card with stamped creatures look appealing to the invited guests who are mostly children. Make sure that the designs of the cards fit the party theme. You can also place molds of party hats on the head of the creatures to project the festive air of the occasion.

As with the other design, place all the important occasion details on the date, time, and location on the card. Arrange the stamped animals carefully. Position the details at the center of the card and surround it with trooping animals with party hats.

Another idea is to make outlines of animals in a thicker paper. The best animals to use for this design is hippos, elephants, a sitting or lounging lion, and a giraffe. The size of these animals should be enough to provide the space needed for all the occasion details. You can also add festive notes on the card by placing glitters along the outline or attaching ribbons on the design. The thick material of the paper creature outline protects it from damage during courier transport.

There are also objects that are shaped like creatures from the safari that you can use as invitations for the activity. Channel your scrap booking abilities to create holes on the die cast. Add tags that contain the event information. You can also utilize small boxes of animal crackers for this purpose.

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