Three Misunderstandings about Villa Decoration

With the development of society, people's living standard has been greatly improved. There are more and more people purchase villa in suburbs for the air there is fresher and water is more clean which are significant to health.Before move into villa, most people will have a decoration of their new home. Although they have had decoration experience about apartment, most are inexperienced in villa decoration and have some misunderstandings about it. Let's have a look at these misunderstandings together.

Do you know these common misunderstandings? Details about villa decoration misunderstandings will be expounded below.

1st misunderstanding: it is unnecessary to have an overall architecture design for villa
The man who buys villa in the first time can't have an overall change from their apartment life.Villa is different from apartment and its space is lager. Except living area, there are recreation area, terrace, individual courtyard, basement and so on. Then, how do we divide the space,whether the design has considered family members' life habit, whether each spatial join reasonable,etc.. All of these needs to be taken into consideration in the architecture design process.

For a villa decoration designer, he should have a knowledge of hobbies and pursuits of family members.Then, divide and reconstruct each functional space to achieve maximum value so that villa can be actually conform to the household environment.

2nd misunderstanding:each room has its own design style
Living room looks gorgeous, elderly housing looks decorous, nursery looks colorful, kitchen and bathroom looks modern and concise. Although each room do have its special characteristics, it is incongruous if is put together.

Experts suggest:To decorate a unity that goes up in color, style and design, one should have an overall design in planning stage. Each space ought to have a careful design plan and echo harmoniously with others.

3rd misunderstanding:construction teams equal in skills.
Some construction teams are careless with work. Small flaws come into a big one. Wall crack, noise, indoor temperature control, and moisture proof seem not serious but present to be serious with by passing.

Experts suggest:Construction of villa must be subjected to strict evaluation for any small omission will cause immeasurable consequence. Villa owners had better choose big company with quality guarantee.Besides, try to choose quality craftsmanship and environmentally friendly material to ensure your family members a high quality and healthy living environment.

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