Top Home Decor Trends for Spring

Spring season is about to knock and everyone waits its knocking because it is the most lovely season. It is a season when everyone feels much lively and people start taking much keenness in outdoor life. The beauty of the earth reaches to its zenith and the warmth of the sun also appears pleasant. If you are planning renovation from a long time, there is no season as better as spring. Don't postpone the renovating needs of your home because here are few top interior design trends to assist you in implementing your plans related to decorating your house. Do not forget to put matching blinds.

Emerald color: It is the trendiest color of the 2013. It demonstrates the vibrant vibes and it is no wonder that it found its way in the list of the trendiest colors. If you want to create a unique and striking appeal in your home, without any hesitation opt for this color.

Vibrant colors: In order to create a flamboyant feel in a house, opt for the lively colors that are competent in enliven the entire ambiance of a house. You can integrate an emerald color and think of the colors that will create a harmonized look. Look for creating a unique color scheme like 'jewel tones'. If you are really keen about experimenting with this scheme, you can think of sapphire blue, topaz orange and ruby red. A conclusion derived from an interesting study suggests that as the economy progress, the colors get livelier and brighter. Thus, if the walls of your house feature monochrome and monotonous colors, time has come to get rid of them. However, it can be other way round also, wherein, you can team up the furniture, curtains, and drapes featuring vibrant colors with the walls featuring neutral colors. This still offers a fascinating dramatic look. Another popular trend is using a vivid and bright color on one wall and keeping the remaining walls of a room in neutral color. This offers a dramatic yet elegant look.

Bold patterns: Apart from vibrant colors, there is another trend that offers an outstanding look to a house. That is none other than using bold patterns in decorating the house. Every kind of stripes, oversized floral patterns, interesting geometric patterns, triangles, zigzags, chevrons, hexagons, etc, are truly competent in developing a sparkling feel in a house.
Whether these patterns are created on a painted wall or a fabric is chosen, based on any of these bold patterns, a contrasting pattern can work wonder in the context of a house décor. Either opt for black or white or opt for friendly colors that synchronize well with each other.

Natural materials: 'Go natural' appears to be the recent trend among the spring design trends that is big time captivating the imagination of the people. Stone, reeds, wood and bamboo are again luring the masses, due to possessing an everlasting beauty. Surprisingly, it is the weathered, reclaimed and distressed wood that is enjoying a glorious time among the natural materials.

Last but not the least, in the context of latest spring design trends regarding home renovation, how can window coverings can be lagged behind. If you are not in a mood to go for the major renovation plans, a facelift through opting for striking and dynamic window coverings would suffice.

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