Bedroom Decorating Themes

Do you find the bedrooms look odd and messy with the same old walls, colors and paintings? Here are some tips which will help you add beauty to your bedroom and bring your life back in action, zest and fun. Bedrooms are the only place on the Earth where you can feel relaxed, relieved and tension free, it is supposed to be another world. Carl Sandburg has even said that a person remembers only some bedrooms in which he had slept, some are likely to be forgotten with the passage of time and some are retained due to the comfort and coziness felt in them. Therefore, for a large bedroom, one needs an excellent theme to decorate it and feel the pleasure of being at home. Out of the plenty of bedroom decorating themes, some are listed below:

Traditional Ritzy
The theme, named traditional ritzy, is rich in style and adds a very royal look to the bedroom. The colors recommended for it are wood brown, shades of reds, purple and beige, etc. Actually the colors should be dark, bold and warming. If the colors are not selected accordingly, your bedroom may turn out to appear gaudy instead. So it is better to take the advice regarding the color criteria and enjoy the traditional ritzy theme. The walls can be adorned only on the basis of the colors you choose for the themes. Add some neutral colors even like the linen for the wall then go for dark shade furniture in the room. This will add glow to your room. How about a brownish, somewhat golden or black furniture with red bold patterned floor carpeting along with whitish walls, silver or platinum wear ornaments and some aesthetic table lamps of shades in white? That is exactly the traditional ritzy theme which will drive people crazy and restless.

Contemporary Zest
Living in a high society and need to envy your neighbors with the best bedroom decorating theme? Then the contemporary zest is definitely for you. The theme of contemporary zest offers a complete modern classy look to your room. For this, you need not make a lot of efforts in selecting the color, just choose your favorite color and ask for the variety of shades in that context. You will find your room looks amazing. Or, you can also select more than one color and try to d├ęcor your bedroom. For instance, you have a wall hanging of a scenic beauty full of green color in it, and then choose lighter shades of green to color the background i.e. the walls and dark shades of green for the curtains and just see the reflection with your eyes. The bedroom will appear to be stupendously outstanding. Not only this, the furniture and the cloth on them can also be given a green texture. So, add to enhance its beauty but make it sure the room doesn’t turn out to be a garden. Therefore keep the bed sheets color neutral and soothing to eyes.

Tomorrow’s Suave
If you do not like dark colors then the tomorrow’s suave theme is for you as it uses light colors or neutral ones like pink (light), white, beige etc. Best is to use the contrast phenomena if going for this theme like dark or strong shades of color for curtains and a lighter version for its fabric.
Thus, these are few bedroom themes out of the abundant themes. So, now you have to make a choice to feel the bedroom essence in your sweet home.

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