Bedroom Paint Ideas for Guys

For most people bedroom is a place where one can unwind after a hard day. In case you are bored with the wall colors of your bedroom, then why not to paint them, taking advantage of creative bedroom wall painting ideas with the help of which one can spice up your spirit.
Selecting the Right Color
In fact, the color of your bedroom walls can depend on your mood. But still it should be well-coordinated with the whole bedroom decorations as well as different accessories. It is not a secret that various colors are able to set various moods for the bedroom. Different shades of green and blue are considered to be most preferable for the room. As a matter of fact they provide a shooting effect. But still there is another color that offers just similar comforting impact, i.e. taupe. It is possible to use a combination of taupe with dark colors, one of the wall can have pinstripes due to which you are able to have better effect.
Orange means a happy mood, in fact, this color has its own vibrancy. Actually, it would be a good choice for the kids’ bedroom. Here, one should stick to the color of your accessories, i.e. dark blue or green. There are colors that have to be avoided such as lime, as well as black. Mind that due to black the room may look less spacious and provides a depressing mood. As for red, it brings too much excitement as well as restlessness which is not so suitable for your bedroom. While yellow provides brightness and warmth.

Bedroom Paint Ideas
It is not necessary to use just one color when painting your room. You are able to choose various shades of the same color and apply them on different walls. Aqua blue and Pink, lilac and lavender, blue and white as well as brown and blue are regarded popular color combinations. With the help of brown and blue, you are able to get a spa like effect. In case of soft shades, such a color as yellow can add a dramatic effect.
You are able to make experiments with different painting ideas. It is possible to use bold colors that practically are not so usual for bedrooms. It can be ivory moss green or poppy seed black. You can also look for faux painting finishes such as stone finish or venetian plaster. To make the atmosphere lively, you can use murals on the accent wall. Due to wood strips it is possible to break the accent wall.
For interior painting, one can use some graphics and designs on the walls of the bedroom due to which one can add a kind of personalization. Boys of all ages would like to see pictures of their sports gear such as baseball bats, basketball, and so on. Various geometric shapes are also a good idea.
You can also use your own imagination and think about amazing painting ideas for the wall of your bedroom.

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