Create a Cohesive Room with the Help of Colors

One can say that there are some elements that are really powerful when decorating a room, just the same comes with color. With the help of color one can draw your eyes towards a specific element of the room or, instead, it is able to make virtually invisible. Moreover, with the help of color it is possible  to combine pieces together. For example, if you have a number of mismatched frames, you can paint them the same color in order they could match each other. Color can be divisive but at the time it is able to unify elements.

Repeat One Color
If you want to add a cohesive look to your room, it is necessary to decide on a main color and then apply it to all element located in the room. It can be repeated in the upholstery, accessories, carpet wall, curtains, even artwork can involve it.

Set the Tone
But still you have made up your mind to use more than one color, one can build a color palette. Take into consideration that with the help of repetition you will be able to combine colors even though they are polar opposites. In case you want to decorate a room of your child in the three primary colors such as yellow, red and blue, you need to balance them throughout the room. As result the room will become playful as well as colorful. Moreover, there will be a feeling that everything is tied together.

Managing Color
One can also use a backdrop of neutrals along with a single dominant color in case you want to add an accent throughout the room. It is also advised to add an area rug or large piece of art in order to combine the look. Here you can add the fabric background which can be used as a neutral wall color and then add accent colors from the print of the fabric. To balance the room, one can add bold colored accessories that will be spread around the room.
Still there is another way, i.e. you can choose you favorite three colors. It is necessary to choose one as a dominant color. Your next step is to choose the following proportion: 60/30/10 and then distribute the colors through the room. Your dominant color can be presented on the wall, as for the secondary, use it in your upholstery. With the help of this method you room will be balanced as well as cohesive.

Color Tips
Before coloring your room, it is necessary to choose the right colors in order they could match your furniture as well as accessories. It will be easier for you to coordinate your paint along with your furnishings.
It is also possible to use a color wheel when deciding on your room’s color palette. The colors are set in the order of the rainbow which makes easy to detect contrasting colors as well as complementary colors at a glance.

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