Decorating for Kids: Jungle Theme

If you have decided to decorate as well as design a child’s room, it is important to create an atmosphere that will be able to stimulate and also inspire you children mentally. In fact the room should fortify creativity and rational thinking of a child. The best way to achieve this is a fun science that is based on a theme, i.e. the room will have a topic in the natural world but it can be in an unusual manner.
The jungle is a place that is mysterious and dark as well. There are lots of towering trees, dense shrubs, and shadows within which one can notice strange animals. The jungle is a place of exciting adventures.  Moreover, it gives the possibility to learn more about plants, animals, and the whole nature. As you see a jungle-themed child’s room can be an inspiring project that is able to encourage children to learn a lot of interesting about the nature.
Preparation and Decoration of the Area
Before decorating the room you should be well-prepared, the first thing that should be done is a research. You have to look through as many books as it possible in order to known more about plants and animals that live in the jungle. Choose any animals and plants that inspire you and when you are done, you can apply your research to decorate the area.
One can start with creating the jungle’s vegetation. In order to do this you have to purchase large pieces of construction paper of different shades of green and brown. Put the paper on the table or floor and toss on different plants. When they are ready, cut them carefully. Then use a double scotch in order to adhere plants on the wall. You can add them till you feel that the jungle is dense.
Still there is another way how to create plants. One can make stencils of various shapes and then toss them on your walls with the help of colored pencils or paint. Due to such method the room will get more finished look.
But in case you want to create a real jungle look, it is advised to use real plants. Before decorating the room with plant it is better to discuss with your child various implications that the plant will have.
When you have finished with vegetation, you can start thinking about animals that live in the jungle. Again you can use the construction paper in order to create animals. Then hang them on the wall and place them behind some leaves as well as branches of plants that adds better incorporation to the scene.

Simple Finishing Touch
In order to make your jungle real, it is advised to record different animal noises that are heard in the jungle. Five minutes of recording will be enough to make the room effective.
Creation of a themed room can be done together with your child as it will give the possibility to interact with him.

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