Decorating Your Sunroom

Sunrooms can make for wonderful additions to any home and decorating it just right can make it one of the most used and loved areas you have. They can be perfect to use for relaxing in the evenings or having coffee while watching the sunrise in the morning. You want to take very good care of the sunroom so that you can use it for impromptu entertaining, or just to have a cozy area to read a book or listen to music. While decorating your sunroom, keep the word “comfort” at the forefront of your mind. This keeps your focus where it needs to be.

Color Schemes
The colors that work best for sunrooms are white and off-white shades. You don’t need to experiment with bright colors in this room. No matter what you are painting in your sunroom, stick to the white or off-white shades. This goes for the window frames, walls, or trim. The effect you are trying to create is a calm one. Dark tones tend to not deliver that. Furniture should also add to the color scheme of calmness.  You can spice things up a bit by using a black and white scheme, but keep the black to only 20 percent. Brown and white also works well since most of the furnishings will be in brown shades.

Window Treatments
Your choice of whether to use curtains or blinds is essential to the overall success of decorating your sunroom. Vertical blinds are a great idea when decorating sunroom windows. The reason they work so well is that they do not cover up any portion of the walls as curtains will, so your room will not look any smaller. Simple bamboo or matchstick roll up blinds are excellent choices. For curtains, be sure they match the furniture cushion covers and area rugs.  Sunrooms look best with ceiling to floor curtains. To enjoy the view, these curtains can be held open by decorative tiebacks. As this is a sunroom, keep in mind that if you choose dark colors for your curtains, they will lighten over time. Therefore, it is better to stay with lighter colors, as well as getting curtains with linings.

Decorating with Plants
To enhance a tropical sunroom, add lots of houseplants. They can be hung in corners or in a line over the windows. Corner tables are great to hold plants, as well. Plants will maintain the coolness of the area and offer atmosphere. Sunrooms can get really hot in warm weather so be sure to only put out plants that can survive in high temperatures. If you like, artificial plants can be used in place of live ones.

Sunroom Furniture
The furniture chosen for your sunroom should emphasize comfort as well as fit in with your particular color scheme.  If your sunroom is small, you may want to forego normal size sofas. You might want to choose loveseats, instead. Another great idea to furnish your sunroom is to use bean bags. Wicker furniture works well as long as it is sturdy and has comfortable cushions. Add area rugs on the floor and large throw pillows around a low coffee table. There should also be some side tables to hold things as well as some decorative chandeliers for lighting at night.

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