Home Decorating Retro Style

Typically, the lady of the house wants a home, not a house. She wants a home that is filled with love, care, and radiates warmth. A home needs to display culture and art. If you are the lady of the house, you may want to consider retro style home decorating. You will have the opportunity to bring out past lost treasures, as well as play around with colors and furniture to unearth the old eras of vintage, rock and roll, wine, good memories, and hilarity. There is no particular time period needed for retro home decorations. It is what retro means to YOU. Following are some interpretations you may want to try.

Retro Living
A lot of people think of retro and immediately are transported back to the days of the Beatles or the Bee Gees. Rock and roll always comes to mind when you think of retro. Consider how you can use retro decorating in your living room. Dig out all of your old rolled up posters and frame them. Hang them up on walls painted gray. Haul out an old gramophone that still plays old records and sit it on a side table. Furniture needs to be as simple as possible. If you can, use simple wooden pieces. For retro lighting, go with yellow and mellow. Add some darker wall mounted shades to these lights and you will get the perfect retro effect.

Retro DiningRemember the bistros found in retro eras. They were cozy and friendly hangouts. Your dining room can be the bistro from your personal retro time. Use a lot of wooden furniture. Your wooden dining table needs to be placed right in the center of the dining room with a hanging light in the center. Of course, you will need wooden dining chairs. Your kitchen cabinets need to be a rustic style, as this will go with your retro dining.

Retro Bedrooms
For the perfect retro bedroom, use a simple bed and a fuzzy duvet. The best color you can use for a retro bedroom is teal. Use that with white upholstery and linens. An old fashioned bedside lamp with a steel shade is also a good addition. Wallpaper works, too, if you prefer not to paint.

Elemental Retro
Maintain the look of your retro home all through it. This can be done with posters, big clocks, wallpapers, linen, furniture items, antiques or other things that were in style back during the 60’s and 70’s. Remember that your retro home decorations are a mix of vintage, contemporary and any other flavor of the past you want to add. Picture in your mind what you want the final results to be. Then go shopping.
When you decide to decorate your house, you have the chance to add interest and personal touches to it. This is a direct reflection of your personality. Before you paint the first wall, keep that final picture in your mind and work towards achieving it. Break out of the norm and try out ideas you’ve always wondered about. Don’t just splurge on a lot of expensive antiques. Be brave with bold colors, schemes, and shapes. It will work to turn your home into a cozy nook.

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