Home Decoration - Interior Lighting

The interior lighting and decor can affect the perception of space in general, enhancing, mitigating or varying colors, shapes and textures. It is important to take several elements into consideration when choosing the interior lighting that best fits the decor, style and lighting needs of your home.

To do this you must first note that the interior lighting can be substantially different depending on the room you wish to illuminate. When we think about how to light a room we must not forget that it must have a sense of unity with the rest of the house. Organize a general lighting scheme needs to define what role, both aesthetic and practical, to perform the artificial light in each of the environments.

Do not forget either that the interior lighting in general should always strive to be smooth, avoiding the glare or the lack of light necessary to see where we walk. The other types of light will come later, bringing out some particular area or distributing other lights in work areas or areas of reading.

The final details of interior lighting would be the reading lamps, table lamps and standing lamps, which must always be combined with color, texture and objects in the room where they are placed.

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