New Regional Home Décor

It is possible to transform any home with the help of the chosen décor. If you are looking for a new home décor or you are going to spruce up your current design, you can think about a regional theme. In case you choose Western or Southeastern décor style, there will be sense of connection between rooms as well as authentic feel. As a result your home will have warmth and personality. If you want to integrate your décor with holiday decorations, no doubts it would be a wonderful choice. One can add several pieces in one room and then move to another one where you can add a few new decorations. But you should consider what regional décor you would choose in order it could match you requirements during several years.

Western Home Décor
When we talk or think about the Wild West the first things that come to our minds are horses, cowboys, as well as leather. Nowadays it is not so difficult to find all the necessary components for this décor. You can simply look for spurs, hats, cowboy boots and horseshoes that can be added to any room and what is more, in any form. As for the color scheme, it is necessary to choose warm tone as they considered to be dominant in this décor. Look for oranges, dusty browns, and rusty colors as they will be the center of the color palate. Also one can add several humorous decorations as it will bring a light-hearted feel to your home.

Country Home Décor
Try to step back to the 19th century of Midwest. This type of décor requires country clad dolls, baskets of flowers, and also jute throw rugs. You will have to use gingham curtains and tablecloths that come in navy blue, cream and maroon colors. In fact the artwork expresses rolling hills and farm houses. One can choose decorations that come with farm animals like the classic dairy cow, chicks or rooster. Due to such décor you will be able to give your guests and family back to a simple time of gardens and homemade pie. Such décor can be created in any room of your house.

Southwestern Home Décor
With the help of Southwestern Home Décor you can add the history and sun to your house. Usually, it integrates a lot of pastels, as it is a décor that involves desert landscapes, rustic pieces and pottery. Your home can be decorated with animal carvings, patterned baskets, and one should not forget about chili pepper. Moreover, you can decorate your home with only chili peppers.  Add beautiful pottery to the interior of your house. You can redesign your living room, for instance, with several Native American-style wool blankets or pillows. Your walls can be equipped with cactus clocks or sun mosaic in order your house could have a finished look. No doubts Southwestern Home Décor will give a feeling of relaxation to you and your guests.
Holiday Decorations

Each of these regional themes will mix wonderfully together with holiday decorating. It is possible to find a big choice of country Thanksgiving ideas, a cowboy Christmas scene, or even chili pepper holiday lights. In case you are thinking to change something for the summer months, then you can take advantage of stripes items and stars that can be used in all three styles.

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