Best Bathroom Shelving Ideas

You are enabled with a wide choice of options when decorating your bathroom. It is necessary to think over storage that you are going to add. In fact, it is necessary to involve a lot of essential items in the bathroom. Moreover, they should be arranged in a proper way in order to keep everything organized. Due to ample storage arrangement, your bathroom will not look cluttered. In fact, with the help of shelving it is possible to add necessary storage space.

Possible Placement Options 
In order to have the best shelving, it is necessary to plan it in a proper way. The first thing that has to be taken into consideration is its placement. Look for free spaces in your bathroom. Also do not forget that shelving will be used for essential items, so it means they have to be accessible. You can install shelves near bathtub, shower, as well as basin. A good idea is to have glass shelves of small sizes that are located on both sides of vanity mirror.
Materials for Shelves
You are able to use different patterns for shelves. It is advised to stick to uniformity in the material. Also it is possible to use material in accordance with the background, where you are going to install shelves. Shelves can have a tiled marble surface or they can be made of glass. The shelves that are located above wooden bathroom vanity can have wooden finish.
Types of Shelving
There are different types of shelving that can be installed in the bathroom in order to have perfect storage. Yu are able to think over corner shelves. In fact, it is regarded as one of the best shelving ideas for small bathrooms. They occupy less space as well as look great. It is possible to add 3 or 4 corner shelves, located one above the other. Still there is one more option, i.e. wall mounted shelves. You can fix them according to a comfortable height. Actually, you are able to install a range of such shelves in order to form beautiful patterns. If you want to add an awesome look, you can install a ‘S’ or zigzag pattern. It is necessary to have wall to wall shelving for toiletries. You can also think over free standing shelves that can be used for spacious and large bathrooms. As a matter of fact, storage cabinets are considered to be the best bathroom shelving ideas. They do not use a lot of space in case you mount them on the wall.
Finishing Touch
In fact, bathroom shelves should look great as due to them the look of bathroom will be enhanced. It would be ideal to make use of designer brackets as they will help beautify the glass shelves. In case you have wooden shelves, one can take advantage of finish colors that are able to go well with the overall d├ęcor. If you decided to use closed storage, you can take advantage of decorative handles. Moreover, one can take advantage of decorative pieces that can be placed on the topmost shelves. Another good idea is to have two independent shelves, between which one can place fresh flower vase or plants. Folded bath suits as well as towels that are rolled nicely will look nice on the open shelves.

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