Classic Decoration Tips for Small Spaces

When decorating small spaces, you should think twice as a lot of aspects should be taken into consideration. But it does not mean that when you come across the problem of decorating the small spaces you have to worry. As a matter of fact one can find different designs as well as tips that will help create a perfect look to your sweet home of a small size.
Decoration Tip #1
A great attention should be given to painting of walls. In fact, it is a priority when decorating any room. With a bright color you are able to paint one wall that can be regarded as focal. But still, it is necessary to choose the focal point of a room and only then to paint the wall according to it.  Also with the help of light shades you are able to enlarge the room and the depth of the room. Moreover one can make the floor of a white shade.

Decorating Tips #2Wall decor is also considered to be an important aspect when decorating a room. One can use large wall décor items.  No doubts wide frames will look great if they are placed on small walls. Due to them you are able to add a great look to the room. Moreover, it will look larger. Also one can mount a mirror opposite the window due to such a method , the illusion of space will be created.

Decorating Tips #3
When it comes to furniture arrangement of small spaces, one can say that it is tricky. It is necessary to choose the most essential. But still it is also important to place it in the right manner. Make sure that any furniture doesn’t block the room entrance, it has to be free for moving. Take into account that it is better to use one or two large pieces of furniture than several small ones.

Decorating Tips #4
It is important to use shelves in small spaces, as due to them one can place all the necessary items in a stylish way. Also there are open shelves with the help of which one can show various pieces. In fact, it will look great in your living room. But still such shelves can be equipped with large compartments that can be used for music system or speakers, in other words one can use them for any purpose.

Decorating Tips #5
If you decorate a small bathroom, look for corner fixtures as they will help save space. Moreover, one can add rich furnishing as it will provide an elegant look to the space. Another good option is floor to ceiling curtains as due to them you will be given an impression of high walls. Decorative lamps will have to make illumination, it is necessary to provide proper lighting. If the space is not so bright, take advantage of small lamps that can be installed in the ceiling.

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