Create Old Hollywood in Your Bedroom

Not all colors can be used for a vintage and romantic inspired bedroom. But you can experiment with them. Nowadays people start adding red and black colors into the bedroom. Probably you think that black and red colors are not appropriate colors for the bedroom and the room can look overdone especially when the room comes with low quality of outdated furniture, accessories as well as linens. And now think about old Hollywood. If you start thinking about images of Marilyn Monroe and Clark Gable, then one can say that you are on the right track. With the help of red and black colors you are able to create a modern as well as chic bedroom that can remind you the vintage design trends of the past. Moreover, both colors are regarded as inspirational.

Choose a Dramatic Mirror
It is impossible to create the Hollywood bedroom design in case you are not going to spend money for a dramatic and massive mirror. The mirror should come with a brushed metal or patina frame that is able to rejuvenate the days of glamorous movie stars. Actually, the mirror can have a simple design or it can be available with ornate, but keep in mind it have to be very large. As a matter of fact, the dramatic mirror should be regarded as the room’s focal point. Your bedroom should have a bed that is available with a wardrobe or dresser as well as headboard, which will be able to go well with the color of the room. If you want to achieve the best look it is advised to use darker shades of brown wood.

Glamorous Bedroom with a Chandelier
In case of vaulted as well as large ceilings, it is better to use a decorative as well as large chandelier. In fact, it is considered to be a perfect option that can be used for lighting the bedroom. If you use silver or black iron with antique beads, crystals as well as finals, you will be able to create the feel of old Hollywood. Mind that with the help of vintage beads and crystals one can decorate other elements of the room in order to add cohesion to the room. You can apply beads for tall candlesticks and hanging wall sconces, it will look great. Do not forget that Old Hollywood was glamorous, the same should be with accents as well as chandelier.

Stunning Fabrics to Accessorize the Bedroom
Curtains and bed coverings should go well with the red and black color patterns as well as vintage accessories of Hollywood. You can look for stunning fabrics that look appealing in their texture, pattern as well as color. As red and black colors are of dark side and your dramatic mirror along with chandelier offer some sort of sparkle, it is better to choose curtains that are not shiny or heavy. You can opt for silky sheer curtains that can allow additional light to enter the room. But at the same time they will look great with the old Hollywood theme. To add a bold touch, the chair can be upholstered with two different fabrics that match each other. With the help of stunning fabrics one can pull the red and black Hollywood décor together which will look romantic as well as inspiring.

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