Curtain Ideas

Curtains are considered to be an important furnishing item when you decorate any room of your house. With the help of them a room looks elegant as well as cozy. Nowadays there are a lot of options that can be used, such as bamboo blinds and venetian blinds. But still curtains are the most popular option for window treatment.
You can choose from a number of curtain ideas, but curtains should match the overall decor of the room.

Bedroom Curtain Ideas
The bedroom needs curtains that are able to provide privacy to the room and they should look appealing at the same time. Curtains ideas that offer a tranquil atmosphere in the room and let you control the amount of sunlight that can enter through the windows are considered to be the best. Try to avoid neon as well as dark colors as the may provide a jarring look. As a bedroom is a place where you can relax, it is better to choose curtains that are available in muted pastel shades. To add a romantic appeal one can choose curtains made of floaty fabrics. You can look for semi transparent fabrics in organza, chiffon, or even light weight muslin or sheer fabrics in case privacy is not an issue for you. Actually, you provided with a big choice of colors as well as patterns.

Living Room Curtain Ideas
As for curtains in the living room, they should go well with the color palette of the furniture and walls. You can make experiments with different fabrics, colors as well textures for your curtains. In case the walls of the living room are available in a light color scheme, then it is better to choose curtains offered in a bolder hue. But still there is another option for you, i.e. to echo colors that are applied in the living room furniture. If the couch is available in white or beige color, it is advised to take advantage green or blue colored floor length curtains. You can also make use of jewel toned curtain fabrics in case you want to add a dramatic effect.

Curtain Ideas for Dining Room
If your dining room has big windows, it would be ideal to hang velvet or heavy brocade curtains. You can also think about a brocade curtain that is available in silk tassels as well as intricate pattern. Actually, it is regarded as the best curtain idea for a dining room. In case your dining room have multiple windows, it is not always necessary to use identical curtains. You are able to match and mix various fabrics but with a similar pattern and a different complimentary color. As a result, you are able to achieve a striking effect.

Curtain Ideas for Kitchen
With the help of curtains, your kitchen will look salacious and will get the feeling of warmth. It is better to choose curtains available in a thick fabric. Moreover, you can hang them in the middle or from a top rod of the window. You can avail calico, cotton, or dotted Swiss fabric, but again make sure that they can go well with wallpapers, flooring or wall paint. You can think about classic patterns, such as big stripes, patterns with fruits, or gingham.

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