Gothic Home Décor

Gothic home décor is ideal for creative people and for those who are ready to add a bit of drama in their life. This kind of home décor is impressive and at the same time unique. Gothic decorating is for people who are prone to spirituality but secular and modern in their views.

Gothic Wall Decor
You have to start decorating a room with walls. Stone walls are considered to be ideal for this king of decoration. In fact, they can resemble you those found in the houses of the Gothic era. Actually, you can install fake stone walls but they should look authentic. Another good option is to paint the walls using the following colors: purple, gray or blue.

Flooring and Furniture
The flooring of a Gothic home should be made of wood or stone. Do not forget about silk rugs that should be placed on the floor. As for furniture, it should be made of solid wood and painted such colors as silver, brown or black. If you want to get an effect you can make use of white color.

Gothic home décor can be accentuated by means of stunning, costly as well as rich fabrics. So when you are going to opt fabrics for your cushions, beddings, upholstery, and curtains, it is necessary for them to be heavy and very thick.

Your Gothic décor can look incomplete if it is not accompanied with beautiful and creative artwork. So you will have to spend some amount of money in order to avail beautiful paintings which depict sceneries, houses as well as people of that era.


Among other accessories, you can add candles that are available in various color shades , such as gold, silver, black, yellow, as well as red. You can locate scented candles of different colors which are available in metallic candle holders at different places. No doubts it will look amazing. Due to them Gothic bedroom décor will get romantic as well as mysterious appeal. But still you can make use of other Gothic home decorations like wall hangings made of silk with white and silver embroidery on them. Do not forget about cushions that are available in silk cloth and come with crystal designs on them.

Victorian Gothic Home Décor
If you are thinking about Victorian Gothic home décor, you should know that it involves vintage lamps, various classic art pieces like expensive and heavy chandeliers, Pre-Raphaelite prints, dry flower arrangements as well as antique picture frames. As for color palette, it is advised to choose purple, green and blue. When it comes to furniture, it is better to use heavy pieces of furniture of cherry or mahogany color.
Medieval Gothic Home Décor
Medieval Gothic home décor involves items of medieval era. Due to them your home will get a unique appeal. It is also advised to visit several antique shops in order to find historical paintings, swords, knight statues, as well as wall hanging accompanied with religious symbols.
But keep in mind, decorating your home in Gothic décor can be done according to your wishes. Actually, it is not restricted to a particular model. With the help of Gothic home décor you are able to add some sort of mystery to your house.

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