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Painting is regarded as one of the easiest ways, due to which you are able to alter the look of any room. But in case you want to create something special, then it is better to take advantage of textured paint. It differs from ordinary paint and at the same time it is not expensive as wallpapers. Moreover, textured paint will help hide various imperfections of the wall. Actually, this paint is available in different patterns as well as colors.

Textured Paint for Walls
With the help of textured paint one can create a special effect that is necessary for your interior. In case you have decided to take advantage of this paint, your next step is to choose the one that suits you best. There are different options of textured paint. You can opt for premixed varieties that are enabled with small particles that have to be applied with the help of special tools. One should note that the majority of such paints have an agent that you can use with the paint in order to change the roughness or smoothness. Moreover, textured paint comes in durable synthetic resin, flat finish latex as well as alkyd. As a matter of fact, versions of flat finish latex are applied on ceiling, which can be used without primer.

Metallic shades can also be used for textures paint finishes. You are able to choose from finishes, such as gold, copper silver, etc. It is also possible to mix various paints in order to create a unique one. But in this case it is better to consult the manufacturer. Moreover, you can also create faux finishes using textured paint, but it is necessary to take advantage of special tools. As a matter of fact, the granite crystals finish, texture paint, sandstone, as well as Venetian plaster are regarded as the most popular textured paint finishes. In case you want to create a granite crystal finish, you will have to add the granules to the paint. Having smooth texture paint, one can create heavy ridge swirls or peaked stipple effects, in order to achieve Venetian plaster look, you will have to use three layers of the paint in accordance with three different techniques.

Textured Paint Techniques
As we have already known that application of textured paint includes various techniques in order to achieve a desired effect. Before applying the paint it is necessary to prepare the walls. So you will have to clean as well as dry them after removing paint peels and wallpaper. The basic rule that has to be kept in mind is that textured paint should be applied like any other ordinary paint. You have to start with cutting in the corners and then use paint taking advantage of a roller. In case of stucco paint, it is necessary to make use of a trowel for application. With the help of trowels, one can create circular swirls on the wall. In fact, you can apply textured paint in such a manner you could form small peaks. In order to achieve it, use a rubber trowel. Stippling is considered to be one of the popular texture painting techniques, which can be done with the help of textured rollers. Now you are familiar with common textured paint techniques that can be used according to the nature of the paint.

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