Laundry Room Design Tips

The laundry room is commonly ignored by many people. There exists a basic laundry room design. It usually involves a sink area, clothing dryer, washing machine storage units as well as ironing station. The primarily elements of its interior design are drain arrangement and hot and cold water lines

Room Color
Actually, the laundry room will not be seen by any of your guests, for that reason you are able to use your favorite color in order to paint it. You can make experiments with vibrant shades when painting the room. Such classic combos as white and violet, beige and maroon, dark brown and off-white is the colors that can be used. Green and yellow, gray and blue, silver and black, blue and pink are regarded as a lively color combination that also can be applied to the room. It is also possible to make use of dark colors in case a good deal of light is coming in.

Storage Cabinets
Every laundry should have cabinets. Actually, it is necessary to plan storage of the room in a proper way. You should think over the available area. First of all, you should place all important equipments and then consider how to utilize the rest area of the room. It is advised to stack the dryer as well as the front load washer in a shelving storage unit. In fact, it will be tucked into the wall. As a result, the floor space will be saved and you will provide more room for moving around. One should admit that multipurpose storage units are a good idea that can be used for the room.

Useful Counters 
Laundry room design has another important part, i.e. counters. Actually, they are used for folding cloths, ironing cloths, placing the sewing machines, etc. One can have cabinets located below a counter, which are available with shelves and drawers as well. Also draw your attention towards the material for the counter. It should be resistant to laundry chemicals as well as heat. Also make sure that it is easy to clean.

Smart Ideas
If initially the room was not available with a sink, you can think about a large bowl that is dedicated for soaking items. Also do not forget to place several baskets and name them to keep white as well as dark clothes. It is also necessary to have a small box in order you could keep small things such as buttons or other decorative pieces. Also think over rods and hooks as they are necessary to hang ironed clothes. It is possible to take advantage of designer patches made of old clothes, it will help spice up the walls of the laundry room. Mind that hanging plants is also a good idea, due to them the room will get a cool look.

No doubts if you follow the above mentioned tips, you will be able to create a nice laundry room. You can also check various tools for the design on different websites due to which you will be able to design a room available with a range of accessories, furnishings, as well as color coordinated walls.

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