Rustic Bathroom Ideas

You are able to turn your bathroom in a completely elegant looking area. But in order to achieve that it is better to keep to a rustic theme. Due to it your bathroom can have warmth as well as elegance. But you have to implement the theme in a right way.

Walls and Flooring
One can say that walls as well as flooring are considered to be important elements when decorating a bathroom. If you want to apply a rustic feel, then it is advised to choose natural stones for walls and also flooring. Marbles and granite are considered to be great choices, due to which you will achieve an elegant look. It is advised to choose neutral colors. But in case you want to create a monochromatic look, it is better to make use of two shades of the same color for shower and flooring. As for walls, you can opt for a stone wall or ultimate looking stone texture. Usually, rustic bathroom ideas use a stone wall. Actually, there are lots of options in stones that you can choose from. You can have a log cabin wall which can be complemented with wooden finish door. As a result, the bathroom will be get a cozy feel.

Fixtures and Furniture
It is also necessary to draw your attention towards fixtures. First of all, you have to substitute the existing fixtures with rustic bathroom fixtures that look great. It is advised to choose pieces that are available in an older time period appearance. You can opt for bronze or copper fixtures such as shower heads, taps, as well as handles. In fact, they are considered to be the best options for the theme.

When it comes to availing the furniture, you should keep in your mind that it will be highlighted in the bathroom. It is better to opt for wooden vanities as well as open shelves where you can place all necessary items. You can install a wooden vanity available with a natural wood finish. Polish the wood in a nice way as it will be able to enhance the beauty of your bathroom. You can also think about tub as well as sink that are available in a copper, marble or wood finish.

You can be confused when it comes to choosing rustic bathroom lighting fixtures as there are lots of them. With the help of light fixtures that have an antique look as well as wooden touch, one can play up your bathroom. Rustic bathroom decor ideas also involve a large antique mirror located above the vanity.

Rustic Accessories
Apart from accessories as well as fixtures, you are able to add much more to your bathroom in order to highlight the rustic theme. You can opt for cloth baskets, waste baskets, and boxes that are used for various stools. But make sure they go well with the whole rustic theme. You can also add napkins and towels in earthy colors.

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