Valance Style

Valance styles can be associated with a fabric available in a flowery decoration running along a window. Actually, you are right, but it is considered to be one of the different valance patterns of such a style. You can choose it when decorating your windows. You are able to opt for valances that slide into a curtain rod, or you can opt for those that you can hang from other tab-tops or hangers. As there are different styles of valance, you are provided with a big opportunity to play with color, texture as well as fabric. Another good idea is to choose different materials such as ribbons, bows, string of beads as they will be handy when start decorating your valance.

Flip Valances
Flip valance is considered to be the easiest valance style. As a matter of fact, the curtain is able to slide into a drapery rode in an easy manner. All that is necessary is to make use of an orthogonal piece of curtain. One should say that the flip valance has two sides. The first one is hung in front. As for the second type, it hangs at the back of another side. In case you decide to make use of a flip valance, it is better to leave the front side shorter. As for the back part it should be longer. As a result both parts will be visible. If you know how to stitch you are able to decorate it by means of sewing the edges in various styles.
Scarf Valances
You can also apply the scarf valance due to which one can get an appearance of swags as well as tails. It is considered to be another simple way with the help of which it is possible to bring an elegant touch to the room. This style can be used in order to frame a window or it can be accompanied with blinds as well as curtains. As a result, the window gets a layered look. In case you want to hold the fabric in position, it is recommended to use scarf hooks corbels, as well as mushroom holdbacks. It is better to choose sheer and lightweight fabrics for scarf valances. In case of sheer fabrics, it is possible to leave them unlined. But if you want to make use of lightweight fabric, it is necessary to line them according to a contrast.
Balloon Valance
With the help of balloon valance, one can create a more complex valance style. In fact, such a style is ideal for windows of small sizes. Moreover, it adds a puffy appearance. It is possible to use fabrics available with fabrics that go well with large prints. Usually, plastic rings are used due to which the drapery come closer to each other which helps form balloon like scallops.
Rod-Pocket Valances
If you want to alter the feel of you home in a quicker manner, you can think about a rod-pocket valance. You can hang them on curtain or spring rod and slide over the overall rod in order to create ruffles that are spaced evenly. Take into consideration you are able to get more ruffles in case the valance is long.

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