How To Be Your Own Home Interior Decorator

Tired of looking for and questioning your next home interior decorator? Time to do it yourself then! It only takes a decent eye for color and common sense if you are just looking for a change. An interior decorator goes to school for this. Professional interior decorators for your home spends a good amount of time in school before bringing their interior decoration skills to the market, so you know they will not be cheap to hire. So you can read up on being your own home decorator, go to home decorator stores, utilize their knowledgeable sales staff. This will help you with your role as your own interior decorator.

Afraid your results will not be as polished as a professional interior decorator? Do not be. With a few videos, some research, and common sense you can do an excellent job!

OK, so, you have seen the videos, made your list, and done your research. You are now ready to begin your home decorator experience. Take a deep breath. Utilize your couple weeks' vacation, and become your own home decorator now. You have plenty of time to paint, re-carpet, and re-do a couple rooms.

So, you show your spouse the colors you picked. You splash your sample paint and tack up fabrics on a small section of wall - ready to surprise her with the idea of YOU as the interior decorator for your home. You learn. Previews are a good thing... She HATES it! She says 'I hope the interior decorator you hired is not coming back after picking these awful colors!!' So, you make some excuse and head back to the store. Maybe the paint can be tinted into another shade? Salvage is the word. You have to save face!

At the paint store, you get lucky. The paint can be made less "glaring" as your wife called it. Now, your status as your own, albeit amateur, home decorator is safe. While there, you go shopping for curtains. You have to match the newer color just mixed, and you make plans to return the ones that matched your first interior decorator adventure. Your day is more hectic, as you return home with the new colors, curtains, and shades, pick up the first curtains that you forgot the second trip, scramble around to find the register tape, and head back for a refund. After all, is not one major idea of being your own home interior decorator saving money?!

The salesperson that you have been seeing every trip in today is waiting at the door. He lets you in, laughing. He says, "the wife sent these back, eh?" You blush, and sheepishly tell him yes. He restrains his laughter as he rings you out and returns your money. He then smirks, and asks "so, have you had enough of playing home decorator yet?" He meant it jokingly, but you were so frustrated you pop him on the head!! The store security calls the police and you are charged by the store for assaulting their employee. Your short lived career as an interior decorator is over as you are now a jail bird awaiting your wife to bail you out.

While awaiting your release, you look around and spot a few magazines to read. When you see the title, you throw them down in disgust. They are old issues of Home Interior Decorator!

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